How Ibogaine Treatment Centers Work

Ibogaine Treatment CenterDeciding on treatment for addiction with ibogaine is one of the best decisions when resolving to receive help to cease dependency issues for good. Unprecedented in addiction therapy, ibogaine has an upwards of an eighty percent success rate and has been gaining steadily in popularity as more and more information is published about its amazing results in helping addicts break free from the darkness of addiction. It is of vital importance when choosing ibogaine for your addiction that treatment is sought in a professional medical setting at a certified treatment center. When administered in a specialized treatment center under the care of licensed physicians, ibogaine’s healing power has the potential to change an addict’s life in profound ways.


Ibogaine treatment centers work by treating the whole of the individual, and upon arrival guests are treated with compassion and care. The first couple of days spent at treatment centers (patients usually find that a seven day stay is ideal for healing) give a patients time to relax, settle in, and think about their personal intentions for their healing journey. Most patients will be coming down off their personal addiction, and medication may be given to help with withdrawal symptoms. The comfort level and safety of patients is top priority at treatment centers and everything necessary to help the patients mentally and physically prepare for treatment is taken into consideration.


Patients that have chosen ibogaine for treatment of their addiction will usually undergo psychiatric evaluation to allow staff to better gauge the levels and severity of an individual’s addiction. If a medical screening did not take place before the patient arrived, one will be administered when the patient arrives. An EKG/ECG and blood work will also be done before any ibogaine is processed within a patient. When doctors have determined that a patient is physically sound, actual treatment can begin.


Most often administered on the third day of arriving at a treatment center, ibogaine is given to the patient in the comfort of their own room where staff is with them the entire process. Ibogaine is given when withdrawal symptoms are at their peak, so the onset of ibogaine dosage is dispensed to coincide when the patient is coming down off of the medications administered to help with initial withdrawal. This commonly occurs within 4-8 hours after their final dose. Once a patient is ready, they will lie in their bed and be given the necessary allotment of time to mentally prepare for their healing journey ahead.


While in treatment, patients can expect to be in a dark room, comfortable in their own bed, usually with a cloth covering their eyes. This helps to relax and remain centered during the visionary stage which occurs approximately 8-10 hours after administration of ibogaine. While in the dream-like visionary phase, patients can be comfortable knowing that certified staff is with them the entire time. If for some reason they become uncomfortable during treatment, there are doctors and nurses there to take care of any need that may arise.


After treatment is finished and ibogaine has run its course, patients often find themselves physically and mentally exhausted. This will usually last a few days, and in many treatment centers, this is optimal time for patients to relax and regroup from such a profound experience. Almost all ibogaine treatment centers have licensed counselors and patients are encouraged to talk with them about their experience and how they feel after treatment.


Treatment centers also offer activities for recovering patients to get involved in after their treatment is over and they have had sufficient time to rest and recuperate. Activities at treatment centers may include things like yoga, meditation, and walks amongst tranquil grounds. Art therapy is also sometimes combined with post-treatment, as well as the option to watch inspirational movies. Those that experience ibogaine treatment in a licensed center will find that these facilities do everything in their power to make patients as comfortable as possible and give them the necessary tools to allow them to re-enter the real world.


After patients have finished treatment and have the strength to step back into the real world, most treatment centers will offer follow-up counseling via telephone and internet. This is an important aspect of how treatment centers work, as follow-up care and evaluation are pertinent in maintaining a drug-free reality. The strength to live a life free from addiction begins with ibogaine, and finding the right treatment center is the first step towards a lifetime of unbounded happiness and personal freedom.



Ibogaine Treatment for Opiate, Heroin, and Perscription Drug Addiction

addictionIbogaine, for the last 15 years, has been emerging as one of the major opiate addiction treatments. It’s amazing that this small African shrub, called the Tabernanthe Iboga, can be such a powerful medication to eliminate withdrawal and in most cases cure almost all cases of opiate addiction.

Of course at first, to anyone who has tried to quit, this may seem too good to be true. A bit of skepticism is always a good thing. But let me tell you a little more about my story and how Ibogaine works to deal with addiction.

My Story (Briefly)

I have always been a very curious person. This curiosity led me down a path of trying new and different ways to expand my consciousness. However, eventually, I ended up going from a free spirited and curious person to a complete and total heroin addict.

No one ever plans on being an addict. But, once you are there, it can be extremely difficult to get out.

After a few close calls with heroin overdose, and waking up on the floor of an apartment complex with my best friend actively working as hard as he could to necessitate me (which thankfully worked). I knew it was time to quit.

I had tried several times but nothing had worked. A few weeks, even a few months at one point, but eventually I succumbed back into my habits.

I heard about Ibogaine and what it treated, but I didn’t really know if I believed what I had heard. I mean, a drug that would literally cure my addiction overnight? That’s too good to be true, right?

Thankfully it wasn’t.

I took my college tuition loan and, instead of going to school, spent all that money on a hope, a prayer…Ibogaine. I went down to Mexico and hoped it would work. The rest is history. I quickly recovered. Got back in school, and now I run a successful business and have a Bachelors degree from a major University.

Ibogaine saved my life.

How Drugs Alter Our Brain

What exactly does Ibogaine do? Well, in order to understand this we need to look a little deeper into how the brain works. Your body naturally produces chemicals that the brain uses to reward us. This is called the reward system.

Drugs work off this reward system to make us feel happy by replicating these same chemicals in the brain.

However, the brain will start to change as more drugs are introduced. The brain’s receptors begin to alter themselves to accept these chemicals from the drugs we use, and they begin to be less receptive to the chemicals that are naturally produced.

At the same time, because these chemicals are being introduced without any effort, our own bodies begin to reduce the amount of natural chemicals they produce.

This works out extremely well while we are on the drugs. The old saying is that a heroin addict is only pleasant to be around when they are using. But when we stop using the drug, things get bad.

This is where things get difficult. When we stop using we no longer get any happy sensations. Our body isn’t producing the chemicals, our brain doesn’t recognize our natural chemicals as well, and so we end up in a completely devastated, depressed, and almost impossible situation.

Withdrawal. And the biggest problem isn’t that we have to go through withdrawal, but that our brain can take years to repair itself from the damage we have done.

This is why it is almost impossible for an addict to quit on their own.

So, doctors prescribe smaller doses of the same drugs so an addict can lower the amount they take. But this isn’t a cure, it’s merely a bandaid.

How does Ibogaine Work?

Whether it’s God, nature, or just the luck of evolution, for some reason or another there is a naturally growing plant called Iboga. And, when ingested, the chemicals in this plant work like a miracle to reset the brain chemistry in the human body.

This is why so many people who have gone through Ibogaine treatment will tell you it is nothing short of a miracle. Years and years of withdrawal and healing can be done in a 24 hour period.

I’ve been through it. I have seen hundreds of people go through it. I have witnessed the change that it can make in a person overnight. It works.

There are many scientific studies now that backup exactly how Ibogaine works in the brain. If you are looking for more of the scientific studies the Ibogaine Dossier has many of the actual scientific papers to backup how Ibogaine works on the scientific level.

But for the addict like me, at the point I was at before treatment, all I really cared about was that it worked.

Where Can I Get Treatment?

There are two main types of Ibogaine treatment. Some clinics are more of an “African ritual” type of treatment. This means, going into the woods and taking Ibogaine there, in the native way. This can be a fun experience.

However, Ibogaine does have some dangers associated with it. Some people have averse reactions to the drug. This is why pre-screening and constant medical supervision during treatment are recommended, or I would say absolutely a necessity, for treatment.

This means doctors, nurses, and medical supervision to make sure you are as safe as possible.

There is no better place to get this kind of treatment than Experience Ibogaine (

The reason is simple. They are the only treatment center that has an actual medical doctor, medical staff, medical rooms, and all the safety of a hospital in an amazingly beautiful and comfortable beach resort setting. They put the medical aspect first, above everything else.

This is so important. Ibogaine is a medical treatment procedure. It must be done with that supervision.

When I was being treated at Experience Ibogaine I felt very comfortable. Dr. Silva was an amazing doctor as well as a very friendly person. But, I could tell right away he knew what he was doing. That made me feel good.

I have remained sober since my treatment and I continue to have follow up visits with the Experience Ibogaine psychologist. I am lucky to be alive, clean, and working hard. Please, feel free to contact me with your stories about treatment. I would love to hear them!